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This isn’t where  your story ends.

Slay your inner critic, heal your heart, and step into your best life. 

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Coaching LLC 
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Choose 2 Change Coaching & Consulting


"At Choose 2 Change Coaching and Consulting (C2C), our mission is to empower individuals, groups, and businesses through values of empowerment, hard work, personal commitment, and dedication to balanced, empowered, and fulfilling lives. Our unwavering mission is to guide individuals, groups, businesses, and leaders on a trans-formative journey toward enduring success within themselves and their broader communities.


C2C Services

Therapy Session

Individual & Group Coaching 

Speaking at Conference

Personal & Professional Workshops

By working with C2C, you will:

Define goals and visions for your life and leadership, designed in a way to push and inspire your next level.

Create new ways to express your leadership in the world, and see that impact both your professional and personal life.

Gain clarity on thought patterns and behaviors that hold you back from being the powerful leader that you are.

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