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Our Services

"Welcome to C2C! Here, at Choose 2 Change, we help develop personal and professional skills as we guide you through a journey of self-discovery. Our coaching sessions provide one-on-one and group counseling. Also explore a range of workshops designed to empower you with practical skills and knowledge in various areas, from leadership and communication to personal development and well-being. Join our community of learners, seekers, and achievers, and embark on a path to unlock your full potential. Elevate your life with C2C.

With Individual coaching, we can focus on the primary goal of our clients. We help support our clients in achieving their personal or professional development objectives through our one-on-one coaching and workshops.

Business coaching is one of our services that provides guidance, support, and expertise to individuals or organizations in the business world. Our primary purpose help businesses improve their performance, solve problems, and achieve their goals. Our leadership counseling is aimed at assisting individuals in or not in leadership positions to improve their skills as leaders. Combining business and leadership counseling can be a powerful approach to achieving their goals.

Group coaching at C2C has been groundbreaking for some of our clients, with one of our trained counselors our clients are surrounded by people with a shared perspective. In this supportive environment you and many other people can focus on personal growth, self-discovery, and the development of coping strategies.

Our workshops provide clients with the opportunity to learn, discuss, and practice self-love. These workshops help improve people who are seeking personal and professional development. 

Interested? Join us at Our next workshop(s): Self-Care Is A Lifestyle: Workshop ($20.24) This is a Live 60 minute  Zoom (Dates: March 3, 17 & 31, 2024)

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