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Meet Latrina

An expert in healing the broken.

Latrina has a unique story that she uses to teach and inspire women by sharing her testimony of domestic violence. She knows what it is like to experience trauma. 

While she pours her heart into her coaching practice specializing in Healing, Relationships, Families, Mental Health and more. Outside of Coaching, and writing books, and being Well rounded speaker to women, Latrina enjoy giving to her community and beyond. 

My Story

Latrina Caldwell was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois.  Early on in life she manifested a spirit of compassion, dedication, and triumph.  She has earned her Associates Degree in Human Services and will soon earn her B.A. Degree in Human Services/Social Work. Latrina has shown great advancements in the community as a mental health professional, serial entrepreneur, motivational speaker, media correspondent, fashion model, certified life coach, author, mentor, domestic violence survivor/advocate, and known self-care advocate. Latrina has used her life experiences and creativity to pen several books while empowering those around her.  She has authored “I am HER”, “The Inside Job”; and has participated in several book collaborations. Latrina is also the owner of the brands “Successful Women on The Move”; “Choose 2 Change”; and Choose 2 Change Publishing.


In addition to this, she is also the founder of two non-profit organizations (Saving Our Communities Foundation) and serves as a Board Member to three separate non-profit organizations.  Latrina values creating safe spaces for women and has recently started an Instagram Live series called “Let’s Talk Success” for women to share their journey to success. Latrina has a unique story that she uses to teach and inspire women by sharing her testimony of domestic violence, trauma, growth, and empowerment.  Latrina pours her heart into her coaching practice as well while specializing in the areas of healing, relationships, families, and more. Latrina Caldwell is also a loving wife and mother.  When she’s not spending quality time with her husband and two daughters; she enjoys singing, cooking, writing, and being crafty.  Latrina is a beacon of comfort, healing, empowerment, growth and understanding with much more in store for her brands, community and beyond.

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