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Mission Statement:

Future Leaders Matter Mentoring Program (FLM) mission is to help youth enrich their lives by gaining the ability to analyze their strengths and challenges, set personal and vocational goals, build confidence, and self-esteem to pursue and achieve goals in every aspect of their lives. FLM is designed to offer enhanced violence prevention programs all year round, while being committed to making a difference in the lives of youth in the community and ensuring that as a team we will engage in personal growth alongside the youth being mentored.

FLM provides one-on-one mentorship services to youth aspiring to become future leaders. We serve youth 12-18 Boys/Girls.


The impact FLM has had on mentees as well as their families is a renewed look at life and how they can do anything they set their minds to with encouragement, accountability, and a positive mentoring experience. The life skills that are being taught at FLM are no longer being taught in schools and some homes due to circumstances beyond the control of youth who are acquiring the services offered.


The impact of FLM is important because these are experiences that youth can take with them and implement them in their daily lives from now into adulthood and pass along to their children.

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